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September 10, 2007

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2007, 3:15 P.M. 
Telecast to Regional Campuses 

(Please turn your cell phone off or set to silent mode) 

1. Call Faculty Senate to Order 
2. Report from the President’s Office 
3. For Approval – Minutes of the June 11, 2007 Meeting 
4. For Approval – Appointment of Grace Wigal for Parliamentarian 
5. For Information – Report from the Faculty Senate Chair 
Report to the Board of Governors text – Annex I 
PowerPoint Presentation given to the Board of Governors – Annex II 
Work Group on Faculty Shared Governance - Revised Charge – Annex III 
6. For Information – Campus-wide Green Campaign (B. Angeletti & L. Saurborn) 
7. For Information – Amnesty for Courses (Lesley Cottrell) 
8. General Education Oversight Committee Report (Steve Kite): 
For Approval – Course Recommendations – Annex IV 
9. For Approval – Modifications to Policy 2: Term Appointments (C.B. Wilson) – Annex V 
10. For Information – 2007-2008 Faculty Advisory Panel (C.B. Wilson) 
11. For Information – Committee on Retired Faculty Report (Sophia Blaydes & Phil Comer) 
12. For Information – Faculty Senate Committee Members for 2007-2008 – Annex VI 
13. For Approval – ACF Issues (Roy Nutter) – Annex VII 
14. For Approval – President Garrison’s Inaugural Address/State of the University Address (Gerald Lang) 
15. For Approval – Resolution in Appreciation of President Emeritus Hardesty’s years of cooperation with the Senate 16. New Business 
17. Adjournment 

Steve Kite 
Faculty Senate Chair