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General Education Foundations Committee*


*formerly the General Education Curriculum Oversight Committee


Lesley Cottrell
Lesley Cottrell

School of Medicine



Lisa Di Bartolomeo, Eberly, Chair-Elect
Mary Beth Angeline, Eberly
Robert Brock, School of Medicine, Past Chair
Lynne Cossman, Eberly
Zachary Freedman, Davis
Leslie Graebe, CEHS
Crosby Hipes, WVUIT
Suzanne Kitchen, B&E
Jennifer Merrifield, Potomac State
Beth Nardella, Medicine
Kristina Olson, College of Creative Arts
Nathalie Singh-Corcoran, Eberly
David Hauser, Faculty Secretary, ex officio, Eberly College
Louis Slimak, ex officio, Assistant Provost
Misti Woldemikael, ex oficio, Associate Registrar for Academic Services
Tracey Beckley, TLC Representative
Robynn Shannon, TLC Representative
Madison Matheny, student representative

2019-2020 GEF Committee Meeting Dates

August 19, 2019
August 29, 2019 - training from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the Erickson Alumni Center
September 16, 2019
October 7, 2019 - meeting will be conducted via webex only; meeting for committee members only
October 21, 2019 - meeting for committee members only
October 30, 2019  - meeting for committee members only
November 4, 2019
December 2, 2019
January 6, 2020
February 3, 2020
March 2, 2020
April 6, 2020
May 4, 2020

Meetings are scheduled from 3:00-5:30 p.m. in Room 4004 of the Agricultural Sciences Building.

Committee Charge

The General Education Foundations Committee (GEFCo) will:

  1. Review applications for new GEF courses and existing GEF courses.

  2. Produce resources and educational opportunities to support the GEF and institutions to develop appropriate WVU Learning Goals.
  3. Collaborate with other committees and any relevant administrative bodies on Outcomes Assessment of the GEF and other relevant assessment issues.
  4. Address in a timely fashion any other issues pertinent to the success of the GEF.
  5. Collect course-level assessment of the GEF as part of the application and review process.
  6. Evaluate periodically national trends in general education and best practices, and implement changes as needed.

Each year at the April meeting of the Faculty Senate, the committee chair will provide a report on the current state of the General Education Curriculum.

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