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Faculty Welfare Committee



Scott Wayne
Scott Wayne

Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources



Jessica Bishop, Creative Arts, Chair-Elect
Samuel Ameri, Statler
Donna Ballard, Potomac State
Daniel Brewster, Eberly
Scott Crichlow, Eberly
Asad Davari, Tech
Kristin Moilanen, CEHS
Litha Sivanandan, Extension
Shine Tu, Law
Emily Murphy, Extension, ex officio
Stan Cohen, ex officio, Retired Faculty
Retired Faculty, ex officio
Staff Welfare Committee, ex officio

Cris DeBord, ex officio, Vice President of Talent & Culture


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Committee Charge

The Faculty Welfare Committee is responsible for reviewing, studying, and making appropriate recommendations to the Faculty Senate for all problems and needs of current and retired faculty.