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Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee



Kim Floyd

College of Education and Human Services

(304) 293-4387


Samuel Ameri, Statler
Robert Bastress, Law  
Ednilson Bernardes, B&E  
Ilkin Bilgesu, Statler 
Deborah Boone, Davis  
Daniel Brewster, Eberly 
Jason Burnside, Extension 
Michelle Costas, Medicine 
Amy Cyphert, ASPIRE  
Diana Davis, Medicine 
Marianne Downes, Medicine 
Elizabeth Fones-Wolf, Eberly  
Steve Hardy, Medicine  
Trevor Harris, Eberly  
Helen Hartnett, Eberly 
David Hauser, Eberly 
Barbara Hengemihle, Librarians 
Cate Johnson, Honors 
Adam Komisaruk, Eberly 
Jim Kotcon, Davis  
Evelyn Martin, Nursing 
Mikylah McTeer, CCA  
Kimberly Meigh, CEHS 
Mark Nigrini, B&E 
Dale Olson, Law 
Chris Plein, Eberly 
Chad Proudfoot, Extension 
Ramana Reddy, Statler 
Carla See, Eberly 
Ashlee Sowards, Dentistry

Committee Charge

The Student Rights and Responsibility Committee is to serve as a panel for review of cases where there may be an alleged violation of the student conduct code and considers and evaluates suggestions for change in the University Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.