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Committee of Retired Faculty

2017-2018 Committee of Retired Faculty


(term expiration in parentheses)

Tom Witt, B&E, Chair (2017-2018)
Stan Cohen, Eberly, Faculty Senator (2020-2021)
Charlotte Nath, Nursing, Faculty Senator (2020-2021)
Wils Cooley, Statler (2019-2020)
John Fisher, Law (2018-2019)
Rumy Hilloowala, Medicine (2019-2020)
Art Jacknowitz, Pharmacy (2019-2020)
Jean Woloshuk, Extension (2018-2019)
Bonnie Anderson, President's Office, ex officio
Billy Coffindaffer, Village at Heritage Point, ex officio
Toni Christian, Talent and Culture, ex officio
Elaine Sholtis, WVU Retirees Association, ex officio
Lisa Kukura, WVU Foundation, ex officio


  • To consider retired faculty roles and stipends in graduate or undergraduate education;
  • To examine avenues of support for research and scholarship of interested retired faculty from the administration as well as the faculty members’ divisions, colleges, or departments;
  • To keep current lists of retired faculty with names, addresses, telephone numbers;
  • To provide representatives to committees, councils, boards, and panels, particularly presidential and provost searches where past experience can most benefit WVU;
  • To provide another institutional memory;
  • To study and provide recommendations to the Senate on matters pertaining to retired faculty;
  • To provide two members of the governing board of the Committee of Retired Faculty selected by the board as voting members of the Faculty Senate and its Faculty Welfare Committee;
  • To provide advocacy for issues affecting retired faculty;
  • To hold sessions on issues of importance and interest to retired faculty and th