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Committee of Retired Faculty

2022-2023 Committee of Retired Faculty


Ade Neidermeyer, Chambers Business and Economics, Chair
Jean Woloshuk Extension, Chair-Elect, Senator
Stan Cohen, Eberly Arts and Sciences, Senator
Dady Dadyburjor, Statler Engineering
Rumy Hilloowala, WVU Medicine
Nora MacDonald, Design and Community Development
Allyson McKee, Libraries, Program, Coordinator
Bernie Schultz, Creative Arts
Bonnie Anderson, President’s Office, ex officio
Toni Christian, Talent and Culture, ex officio
Ginger Burns, Talent and Culture, ex officio
Billy Coffindaffer, Village at Heritage Point, ex officio
Elaine Sholtis, WVU Retirees Association, ex officio
Rachel Zadnik, WVU Foundation, ex officio


  • Advocate on issues affecting retired faculty.
  • Provide expertise and representation on committees, councils, boards and panels where experience of retired faculty can best benefit the university.  In this regard the CRF provides institutional memory relevant to the university community.
  • Study and provide recommendations to the Faculty Welfare Committee and Faculty Senate on matters pertaining to retired faculty including alternative retirement patterns and benefits.

  • Hold monthly programs and other sessions on topics of importance and interest to retired faculty, many of which entail retired faculty members’ academic expertise and experience.

  • Develop and implement other programs of interest to retired faculty.

  • Continue connections with WVU retired faculty by communicating and eliciting their feedback on issues pertaining to their welfare and university standing.

  • Provide two members from the CRF to be voting members of the Faculty Senate and its Faculty Welfare Committee.