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Committee of Retired Faculty

2019-2020 Committee of Retired Faculty


(term expiration in parentheses)

Stan Cohen, Eberly Arts and Sciences, (2020-2021), Chair; Senator
Rumy Hilloowala, WVU Medicine, (2019-2020)
Nora MacDonald, Design and Community Development, (2020-2021)
Allyson McKee, Libraries (2020-2021)
Ade Neidermeyer, Chambers Business and Economics (2020-2021)
Bernie Schultz, Creative Arts. (2020-2021)
George Trapp, Statler Engineering, (2019-2020)
Jean Woloshuk Extension, (2019-2020), Senator
Billy Coffindaffer, Village at Heritage Point, ex-officio
Bonnie Anderson, President’s Office, ex-officio
Toni Christian, Talent and Culture. ex-officio
Elaine Sholtis, WVU Retirees Association, ex-officio
Rachel Zadnik, WVU Foundation, ex officio


  • To consider retired faculty roles and stipends in graduate or undergraduate education;
  • To examine avenues of support for research and scholarship of interested retired faculty from the administration as well as the faculty members’ divisions, colleges, or departments;
  • To keep current lists of retired faculty with names, addresses, telephone numbers;
  • To provide representatives to committees, councils, boards, and panels, particularly presidential and provost searches where past experience can most benefit WVU;
  • To provide another institutional memory;
  • To study and provide recommendations to the Senate on matters pertaining to retired faculty;
  • To provide two members of the governing board of the Committee of Retired Faculty selected by the board as voting members of the Faculty Senate and its Faculty Welfare Committee;
  • To provide advocacy for issues affecting retired faculty;
  • To hold sessions on issues of importance and interest to retired faculty and th