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Teaching and Assessment Committee



Photo of Marina Galvez Peralta
Marina Galvez-Peralta 

School of Pharmacy


Name Primary Constituency Faculty Rank Role
Marina Galvez-Peralta School of Pharmacy Teaching Assistant Professor Chair
Diana Davis School of Medicine Associate Professor Member
Sheri Chisholm WVU Potomac State College Associate Professor Member
Brian Dickman WVU Institute of Technology Associate Professor Member
Jessica Blythe Davis College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Associate Professor Member
Janet Fraser Chambers College of Business and Economics Teaching Assistant Professor Member
Stephanie Hines Davis College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Teaching Assistant Professor Member
Ashlee Sowards School of Dentistry Associate Professor Member
Heiko ter Haseborg Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Associate Professor Member
Michael Ryan College of Applied Human Science Teaching Assistant Professor Member
Brian Scaife School of Medicine Assistant Professor Member
Donna Leonard  School of Nursing
Assistant Professor  Member
Lizzie Santiago  Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
Professor  Member
Tracey Beckley Teaching and Learning Commons  Assist. Provost for Teaching and Learning Ex Officio


Committee Charge

The Teaching and Assessment Committee is charged with: 

  • Overseeing the electronic student evaluation of instruction (eSEI), conducting analysis of the resulting data, and making recommendations to the university community based upon those analyses;
  • Reviewing section syllabi in support of faculty professional development, harmonized courses, and program review;
  • Initiating and making recommendations for documentation of teaching effectiveness;  
  • Making recommendations to the Teaching Learning Commons as to faculty needs related to instructional and assessment processes;  
  • Collaborating with the General Education Foundations Committee, the Senate Curriculum Committee, the Assessment Council, and the Graduate Council to recommend practices for course and curricula assessment methods;
  • Addressing in a timely fashion other issues pertinent to Teaching and Assessment.