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May 10, 2010

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010, 3:15 P.M. 

Please turn your cell phone off or set to silent 

1. Call Faculty Senate to Order and Roll Call for Regional Campuses 
2. For Approval – Minutes of the April 12, 2010 Faculty Senate Minutes 
3. For Information – Report from WVU President James Clements 
4. For Information – Report from WVU Provost Michele Wheatly 
5. For Information – Report from Faculty Senate Chair Nigel Clark 
6. For Information – Results of Faculty Senate Chair-elect Election 
7. Curriculum Committee Reports: (Ilkin Bilgesu) 
For Approval – New Courses and Course Changes – Annex I 
For Approval – Changes in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources Major – Annex II 
For Approval – Request to Create Degree Title for the Athletic Training Program – Annex III 
For Approval – Capstone Request from Chinese Studies – Annex IV 
For Approval – BSCS Curriculum Change – Annex V 
For Approval – “G” Designation for Study Abroad Courses – Annex VI 
For Information – Alteration Report – Annex VII 
8. General Education Curriculum Oversight Committee Report: (Beverly Kirby)
For Approval – GEC Actions – Annex VIII 
For Information – GEC Audits – Annex IX 
9. Faculty Welfare Committee Report: (Amy Hessl) 
For Acceptance – Proposed Resolution – Annex X 
For Information – WVHEPC Salaries – Annex XI 
10. For Information – Summer 2011 Academic Calendar Revision (Nigel Clark) 
11. For Information – Advisory Council of Faculty (ACF) Report (Roy Nutter) 
12. For Information – Making WVU More Veteran Friendly – Terry Miller, WVU Veterans Advocate and Anita Mayer, University Advising 
13. New Business 
14. Adjournment 

Nigel Clark 
Faculty Senate Chair