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Teaching and Assessment Committee


2016-17 Members

Evan Widder
Evan Widders, Chair

Eberly College

(304) 293-4722

David Hauser, Eberly, Chair-elect
Heather Billings, Medicine
Ordel Brown, Statler
Diana Davis, Medicine
General Hambrick, Creative Arts
Adam Komisaruk, Eberly
KangMo Ku, Davis
Ashley Martucci, CEHS
Ashlee Sowards, Dentistry
Abhishek Srivastava, B&E
Rachel Stein, Eberly
Melissa Ventura-Marra, Davis
Provost’s Office, ex officio
Health Sciences Center, ex officio
Cindy Hart, Academic Innovation, ex officio
OIT, ex officio


The Teaching and Assessment Committee will: 
(a) Maintain and revise the evaluation instrument (SEI) that students will complete to evaluate instruction for a wide variety of courses and instructional methods; 
(b) Make recommendations for the analysis and use of SEIs; 
(c) Initiate and make recommendations for documentation of teaching effectiveness; 
(d) Make recommendations to the Teaching Learning Commons as to faculty needs related to instructional and assessment processes; 
(e) Collaborate with the General Education Foundations Committee, the Senate Curriculum Committee, the Assessment Council, and the Graduate Council to recommend practices for course and curricula assessment methods;
(f) Address in a timely fashion other issues pertinent to Teaching and Assessment.