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News and Updates

This page is regularly updated with news and updates related to WVU Faculty and the WVU Faculty Senate. Dated information will be moved to the Archived News page.

January 2024

Teaching and Assessment Committee - Updates on New Instrument for Classroom Feedback
December 2023
Administrative Salary Reductions
Voluntary Administrative Salary Reductions article as reported by the Dominion Post 11/16/23 stating total savings of $772,772.
State Funding Formula
Information on the state funding formula can be found here.
Provost General Education Program Report
The Office of the Provost has completed a review of the general education program. View the report here. 

Non-Returning Faculty - Spring and Fall 2023

                                    Notice Semester

              Spring 2023                   Fall 2023                   Total  
        Non-Returning Classification*
              83               54%
TAP**                 8
Clinical, Research, Visiting, Lecturer
Classified Staff
Non-Classified Staff


* Includes all non-renewals, non-continuations, RIFs, retirements and voluntary resignations associated with Academic Transformation.
** Includes 8 additional TAPS in Chambers, Fall 2023.

Fall 2023
Faculty Advisory Council
Faculty advisory group to the Provost. Some members were chosen by recommendation by Faculty Senate leadership, while others were selected by Provost Maryanne Reed.
Teach-Out Information
The links below lead to posted information relating to WVU teach-out plans as a result of program discontinuation.
- Program Discontinuation Process
- Eberly College of Arts and Sciences - Program Discontinuance and Teach-Out Plans
Reduction in Force Resource
Provost’s RIF site (including information on outplacement services and how to handle funding contracts):
Resource for Faculty Seeking New Positions
Nathalie Singh-Corcoran, Coordinator of the Eberly Writing Studio, has generously offered to proofread, edit, and/or provide feedback on cover letters and CVs of faculty searching for new positions. You can reach Nathalie at
Regarding Emeritus Status for Retirees during Transformation
Emeritus Status: The retirement clause of BOG Rule 4.2 (Section 10.2) on emeritus status is being waived this year. We encourage all those eligible to apply.
Reduction in Force Information
The Provost’s Office confirmed on 10/20/23 that non-returning faculty generally are not required to go through the annual review process, including submitting materials in Digital Measures/Watermark. We do remind faculty that Digital Measures/Watermark will transfer to many other institutions, so some non-returning faculty may still elect to enter information into that system.