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Courses/Programs Under Review

This page contains courses and programs currently under review by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee. 

Typical workflow for approved items: FSCC -> Faculty Senate Executive Committee -> Faculty Senate -> Registrar

Updated 03/08/2024

New Courses Under Review - PDF
CHEM    519    Principles and Bioanalytical Applications of Microfluidics
ENLM    430    Nature-based Land Development
HPML    522    Introduction to Data Analytics for Health Adminsitrators
MINE    472S    Mine Rescueand Emergency Response
PET    753    Policy and Advocacy in Kinesiology
PHARM    774    Managed Care Principles and Policies
PHYS    351    Introduction to Quantum Computing
PHYS    685    Solar and Space Physics
WMAN    684    Foundations and Philosophy of Researc

Course Changes Under Review
ACE    410    Training Theories for Coaches
ACE    430    Coaching Education Administration
ACE    469    Basic Strength and Conditioning for Coaches
ACE    487    Sport Specific Strength/Conditioning
BIOS     612    Biostatistical Theory
BIOS     620    Applied Linear Models HS
BIOS     621    Categorical Data Analysis HS
BIOS     622    Analysis of Time-to-Event Data
CPE    410S    Microcomputer Structures and Interfacint
CS    450    Operating Systems Structure
DENT    602    Special Studies in Oral Pathology
DENT    728    General Pathology
DENT    738    Oral Pathology 1
DENT    753    Oral Pathology 2
ENGL    312    Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction
ENGL    313    Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry
ENGL    314    Creative Writing Workshop: Non-Fiction
ENGL    318    Topics in Creative Writing
ENLM    150    Introduction to Environmental, Energy and Land Management
ENLM    200    Principles of Environmental, Energy, and Land Management
ENLM    220    Energy Production  Operations
ENLM    300    Ethics and Negotiations for Land Managers
ENLM    390    Land and Lease Analysis
ENLM    400    Land Management Contracts 1
ENLM    415    Midstream Energy Planning and Development
ENLM    420    Land Management Contracts 2
ENLM    450    Land Management Strategic Planning
HN&F    250    Cross-Cultural Cuisine
HN&F    250L    Cross-Cultural Cuisine Laboratory
HPML    626    Internship
LAW    700    Legal Analysis, Reseasrch and Writing 1
LAW    786    Lugar Trial Advocacy
MINE    625    Advanced Mineral Processing
MUSC    300    Orchestra
PHYS    312    Oscillations and Thermal Physics
POLS    500    Introduction to Political Research
POLS    501    Quantitative Political Analysis
POLS    502    Advanced Quantitative Methods
PSYC    281    Introduction to Psychological Disorders
ROBE    313    Fundamentals of Robtic Systems
SM    275    The Olympic Games
SUST    372    Sustainable Energy

Programs Under Review:
Program Changes:
English/Secondary Education
Music Performance
Instrumental Perfomance
Piano Performance
Voice Performance
Spring 2024 Meeting Dates:
March 7, 2024
April 18, 2024
May 2, 2024