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GEC to GEF Transition Workshops

November 13th, 10-11 am, Evansdale Library, 130

November 15th, 3-4 pm, Downtown Library, R136

November 28th, 10-11 am, Downtown Library, R136

December 7th, 1-2 pm, Evansdale Library, 130

Timeline for transition at WVU
  • GEC courses have been moved into the GEF.
  • GEF courses have been harmonized across the WVU system.
  • There is a hold on the submission of any new courses seeking entrance into the GEF for the 2017-18 academic year.
  • Beginning in the Spring 2017 semester, the Senate GEF Committee began working with faculty teaching GEF courses to bring all courses into alignment with the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes. Departments will be contacted and faculty may participate in a short transition seminar where they can work with WVU’s Teaching and Learning Commons and the Senate GEF Committee.
  • Individual faculty may continue to transition their courses both before and after an Area’s deadline for submission. However, courses not submitted through CIM by December 31, 2017 will be removed from the GEF and then have to reapply as a new GEF course to be added back in.