2015-16 Research and Scholarship Committee


Michael Ibrahim, CCA, Chair, 293-4519, PO Box 6111, Michael.Ibrahim@mail.wvu.edu
Trevor Harris, Eberly, Chair-elect
Melanie Clemmer, Medicine
Elaine Eschen, Statler
Edgar Fuller, Eberly
Erik Herron, Eberly
Stan Hileman, Medicine
Bingyun Li, Medicine
Duncan Lorimer, Eberly
Mikylah McTeer, CCA
Michelle Moore, CEHS
Jennifer Orlikoff, Eberly
Lizzie Santiago, Statler
Jingxin Wang, Davis
Joshua Woods, Eberly
Associate Vice President for Research, ex officio
Provost’s Office, ex officio
Director, Sponsored Programs, ex officio

Committee Charge

“The Research and Scholarship Committee is to study matters associated with maintaining and enhancing the university’s environment for research, scholarship, and creative endeavors and make recommendations to the Senate as deemed appropriate. It shall evaluate applications for Senate research fund support.”