2013-2014 General Education Curriculum Oversight Committee


Lisa Weihman, Eberly, Chair, 293-9735, PO Box 6296, lgweihman@mail.wvu.edu
Lena Maynor, Pharmacy, Chair-elect
Ilkin Bilgesu, Statler
Robert Brock, Medicine
Lesley Cottrell, Medicine
David Hauser, Eberly
Kristen Matak, Davis
Jennifer Merrifield, PSC
Beth Nardella, Medicine
Gayle Neldon, CEHS
Gloria Oporto, Davis
Robert Waterson, CEHS
Student Representative
Elizabeth Dooley, Provost’s Office, ex officio
Jennifer Orlikoff, Eberly, Faculty Senate Chair-elect, ex officio
Kartik Motwani, SGA Student Representative

Committee Charge

The General Education Curriculum Oversight Committee has four purposes:

1. It is to review applications for new GEC courses as well as for new Writing courses.

2. It is to initiate and conduct a five-year audit of all GEC courses in which approximately 20% of GEC courses are audited every academic year to ensure that they address the GEC Objectives to which they have been assigned and are taking appropriate measures of the students’ abilities to engage critically with relevant subject matter as well as with the broader learning outcomes of the relevant GEC Objectives.

3. It is to collaborate closely with other committees on Outcomes Assessment of the GEC.

4. It is to address in a timely fashion any other issues pertinent to the success of the GEC.

Each year at the April meeting of the Faculty Senate, the committee chair will provide a report on the current state of the General Education Curriculum as well as the ongoing audit and assessment process.