2015-16 Faculty Welfare Committee


Hawley Montgomery-Downs, Eberly, Chair, 293-1761, PO Box 6040, Hawley.Montgomery-Downs@mail.wvu.edu
Emily Murphy, Extension, Chair-elect
Marie Abate, Pharmacy
Samuel Ameri, Statler
Anne Cronin, Medicine
Robert Dailey, Davis
Asadollah Davari, WVUIT
Traci Mays, Libraries
Litha Sivanandan, Extension
Scott Wayne, Statler
Lena Maynor, Pharmacy, Faculty Senate Chair-elect, ex officio
Stanley Cohen, Retired Faculty, ex officio
Arthur Jacknowitz, Retired Faculty, ex officio
Staff Welfare Committee, ex officio
Vice President for Human Resources, ex officio

Committee Charge

The Faculty Welfare Committee is responsible for reviewing, studying, and making appropriate recommendations to the Faculty Senate for all problems and needs of current and retired faculty.