2013-14 Faculty Welfare Committee


Sam Ameri, Statler, Chair, 293-3949, PO Box 6070, Samuel.Ameri@mail.wvu.edu
Leslie Tower, Eberly, Chair-elect
Marie Abate, Pharmacy
Greg Barretto, Medicine
Anne Cronin, Medicine
Scott Fleming, B&E
Deepak Mehra, PSC
Gayle Neldon, CEHS
Jeff Slahor, Davis
Scott Wayne, Statler
Martha Yancey, Library
Jennifer Orlikoff, Eberly, Faculty Senate Chair-elect, ex officio
Stan Cohen, Retired Faculty Representative, ex officio
Art Jacknowitz, Retired Faculty Representative, ex officio
Staff Welfare Committee, ex officio
Margaret Phillips, Vice President for Human Resources, ex officio

Committee Charge

The Faculty Welfare Committee is responsible for reviewing, studying, and making appropriate recommendations to the Faculty Senate for all problems and needs of current and retired faculty.