Proposed Amendment

The Faculty Senate approved a proposed amendment to Article VII of the Faculty Constitution at the May 13, 2013 meeting. The annex that contains Article VII marked up to show the proposed changes can be found here .

This page serves to notify members of the University Assembly that the amendment will be discussed at the Assembly meeting on Monday, October 7, 2013. Ballots will be distributed within a week following the meeting. Ratification of the proposed amendment requires a two-thirds majority of those responding to the vote.

Article VII pertains to faculty representatives on the WVU Governing Board. The proposed amendment changes the timeline for election of the representative from extension service or health sciences. Current provisions call for declared candidates to be introduced and nominations accepted from the floor at the October Senate meeting in each odd calendar year. Voting ends by November 30 and the results are announced in December. The new representative’s term starts the following July 1.

Two reasons have been stated for the proposed change in election timeline. First, the October meeting often runs late, even with a streamlined agenda, because the Senate meeting follows the President’s State of the University Address and the University Assembly meeting. Nominations for the representative are important and deserve full consideration. Scheduling nominations at a time when senators are rushed or may have had to leave is not ideal. Second, a December election of the next representative creates a seven-month long lame-duck period for the current representative, which could undermine his or her effectiveness on the board. If the current representative runs for reelection and loses, other members of the board could discount his or her views because the faculty chose someone else.

Click the link that follows for the current version of the complete faculty constitution .

Alan Stolzenberg
Faculty Secretary
Associate Professor of Chemistry