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Executive Committee


2016-17 Members

Lena Maynor
Lena Maynor, Chair

School of Pharmacy

(304) 293-7672

Alan Stolzenberg, Eberly, Faculty Secretary
Matthew Valenti, Statler, Faculty Senate Chair-Elect
Richard Turton, Statler, Fauclty Senate Past Chair
Stan Hileman, Medicine, BOG Representative
Lesley Cottrell, Medicine
Sandra Elmore, WVUIT
Becca Fint-Clark, Extension 
David Hauser, Eberly
Michael Ibrahim, Creative Arts
Virginia Kleist, B&E
Jennifer Merrifield, PSC
E. Gordon Gee, WVU President, ex officio
Joyce McConnell, WVU Provost, ex officio
Louise Veselicky, Health Sciences Center, ex officio
Roy Nutter, Statler, ACF Representative, ex officio
Karen Haines, CEHS, Co-Chair, Curriculum Committee, ex officio 
Lisa Di Bartolomeo, Eberly, Chair, General Education Foundations Committee, ex officio


It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to: (a) accept, review, advise, recommend, and initiate reports, policies, and issues relating to the functions set forth in Article II, Section 5 of the constitution; (b) serve as a channel through which any member of the Assembly may introduce matters for consideration by the Senate; (c) assist in carrying into effect the rules, regulations and actions of the senate; (d) act for the Senate on an emergency basis between meetings of the Senate, such action to be reported for confirmation at the next Senate meeting; (e) appoint both standing and special committees of the Senate and the chairs thereof with such appointments subject to confirmation by the senate, and to maintain liaison with these committees to insure the expeditious fulfillment of charges to the various committees; (f) prepare and submit reports on the work of the Senate to the University, to the President, and to the Assembly; (g) arrange the agenda for Senate meetings including a time for the University President, or for his/her designated representative, to stand for questions and to provide additional information or comments to the Senate; (h) appoint Senators to serve on the University-wide Promotion and Tenure Advisory Panel; and (i) interpret the West Virginia University Faculty Constitution.